About Us

Craze Fest is all about the biggest and the worst (in a good way) summer festivals right here in Canada and throughout the globe. We give you all the latest updates and developments in these massive celebrations gathering millions of people all over the globe right here in our magazine.

How did the magazine start?

The magazine started out as a subsidiary of an entertainment blog based and operational in Ontario. The small magazine, back then, was headed by Robert Tinsley. He was the Editor-in-Chief and was the founder of the magazine as well.

After two years of being part of a company, Robert decided to establish Craze Fest as an independent business but that means losing resources, writers, and online marketing funding.

But Robert still went through with it because he knew the potential of the magazine. After leaving the company, Robert was followed by all of the writers working for the magazine and decided to help him rebuild the magazine brand.

Craze Fest today

Long story short, Craze Fest blew out as the magazine introduced a whole new level of marketing to summer festivals and related events. Craze Fest is considered as the news channel for the festivals.

We are on it 24/7. We provide the latest updates the moment we find out about them and how do we do it? Social media of course. Our Instagram has more than 7 million followers and our Facebook page has more than 15 million followers.

One post can generate thousands of reactions and comments after only a couple of minutes.

To this day, those numbers are only increasing and with that, we need to keep up. So, as a bonus, we are looking for writers to join us.