The Best Summer Festivals in Canada

Are you tired of the same summer itinerary over and over again? A beach trip or maybe travelling outside the country? Well, if you want to experience a whole new world of summer fun, have you considered attending some summer festivals in Canada?

We are not talking about some run of the mill festivals, by the way, these are the best summer festivals in Canada attracting thousands of people all over the globe. These festivals offer music, dancing, performances, food, sports, and so much more. So, let’s get this party started.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Do you love jazz? Most people do, but the Montreal International Jazz Festival is not just about jazz. It is about the entire music scene in all of Canada with of course a specification on jazz.

This festival has been around for 4 decades and it continues to amaze thousands of people every year. Back in 2004, this festival was the recipient of the Guinness World Record’s world’s largest jazz festival. Up to this day, the record remains with the festival.

Hundreds of the best artists and bands took the stage since 1980. We’re talking about Gary Burton, Chick Corea, Bryan Adams, Tony Bennett, and so much more. Local and even internet music sensations are invited to this festival making it a collective experience for people all over the globe.

Quebec City Summer Festival (FEQ)

They say that the best summer festival in all of North America is found in Canada and they are absolutely right. Presenting the FEQ or the Quebec City Summer Festival. This festival is 11 days long and it is filled with heart pumping and life-changing music delivered by dozens of the best local and international artists.

At the FEQ, you get to enjoy pop music, folk music, EDM (electronic dance music), hip hop, classical music, punk, and even world music. That’s right, it is an all in one experience if you love music.

The festival is held at several outdoor and indoor venues every July. It is truly a great summer experience. Just make sure to pack light because you are going to be dancing for hours. There’s a lot of improvements to the next festivals, especially for the venues.

Great Okanagan Beer Festival

Are you into beer? How about craft beer? If you are, then great. If you are not, then great too because if you go to the Great Okanagan Beer Festival, then you are sure to fall in love with beer.

Every May, one of the biggest beer festivals is held in British Columbia. Over a hundred beers to try near the Columbia mountains. You also get to meet the best crafters not only in Canada but from the world.

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